Brake Repair Near Me

The brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, going a long way to keep you safe behind the wheel. But sometimes you experience problems with your brakes, and when you do, it can be difficult to determine how significant they may be.
The professionals in the service department at Bill Rapp Pre-Owned Superstore are here to help you with all of your brake services, from inspections to replacement costs and repairs. Our highly trained automotive service technicians are equipped to handle all of your vehicle's needs, no matter the make and model.
You may not be aware of all of warning signs of a potential problem with your vehicle's brakes, so we've listed a few below to help you.

  • The brakes pulse. A warped rotor or an out-of-round drum can cause this pulsating in the brake pedal. They also can cause unnecessary damage to the brake pads, which means you'll need to replace them more often.
  • The brake pedal sinks to the floor. If your brakes don't respond the way they should or if the brake pedal sinks to the floor, this could indicate a leak in the braking system, such as an air leak in the brake hose or a brake fluid leak. Getting this fixed as soon as possible is key to maintaining high-functioning brakes.
  • The brakes grind or growl. This loud metallic sound means the brake pads have completely worn down. The two pieces of metal (disc and caliper) rubbing together cause the grinding or growling that you hear. This rubbing can score or scratch your rotors, creating an uneven surface. This means you'll likely need new brake pads and possibly new rotors.
  • The brake pedal vibrates. A vibrating brake pedal often is a symptom of warped rotors, which result from severe braking for long periods, such as when you drive down a steep mountain or when you're towing something behind your vehicle. You feel vibrations because the brake pads can't properly grab the rotors. If you drive with a vibrating brake pedal, make sure you stop your vehicle periodically to give the brakes time to cool off.

The Cost of Brake Repairs

The cost of repairing your brakes largely depends on what's wrong with them and whether you choose Bill Rapp Super Store Quality Pre-Owned as your service center. There are costs associated with the initial inspection of your brakes, repairing the damaged brake system, and replacing brake parts. If your entire brake system needs to be replaced, this is generally a more expensive procedure.

Schedule Brake Repair Today!

If you're experiencing problems with your vehicle's brakes but don't know what may be causing them, bring your vehicle to the professionals at the service center at Bill Rapp Pre-Owned. We have a staff of highly trained automotive service technicians who are well equipped to handle all of your vehicle's service and maintenance needs.
Call Bill Rapp Pre-Owned or schedule an appointment for a brake inspection today.

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